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But in order for you to make money from poker, you need to learn how to. expect to win at Texas Holdem poker without even a clear understanding of the. “Every time you play a hand differently from the way you would have.

Trouble in Free Play Paradise: Zynga Poker Battles with Platform, Ecology and Bot Problems
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Why Zynga Poker Thrives While Online Poker Struggles
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The complete guide to beating Zynga poker games on Facebook and play. it is a great way to let people get started playing online and learn the rules of poker.

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There's some luck involved, but a good player will beat bad players the vast majority of the time.
Make sure you to increase your chances of winning.
The best position in Texas Hold 'Em is "on the button.
When it's your turn, you have full knowledge of how many other players are still in the hand, and you can make a much more informed decision on how much to bet if any.
The worst position is the small blind.
After the flop, the turn, and the river, zynga poker learn to play must zynga poker learn to play first.
Sometimes here can use this to your advantage by playing aggressively, but it's much better to act last.
Also, focus on the total number of zynga poker learn to play remaining at the table.
Also, the fewer players there are, the more often you're forced to bet the blindsso you have to be more aggressive.
It's easy to get caught up in your hand and lose sight of the other players.
But you need to be aware of how many a rough count, not necessarily a specific countwhat cards they could have, and what their best hand could be given the community cards you share with everyone else.
Watching player trends can also be helpful.
Try to determine who bluffs and who plays a tighter game.
It's a good indication that the player has something solid.
If a player loses a fairly big hand and then comes right back with a big bet, that player may be betting recklessly out of frustration.
This is not a bad time to push back—as long as you have a solid hand to do it with—because someone playing like that isn't likely to fold.
If you have a hand that's strong enough to zynga poker learn to play the flop, don't let other players see it for free—at least raise by the minimum bet.
Beginners love to see the flop as cheaply as possible, but it's dangerous to let them do it.
Say your hand is an A-K and the other players have a 7-4 and a 10-5.
You should be able to get both of them out of the hand before the flop.
But if you let them see the flop for just the price of the big blind, disaster could strike.
In this case, a 10-9-8 would be about the worst—you have nothing, and one of your opponents has an open-ended straight draw while the other has a pair of 10s.
You've wasted a great starting hand.
Folding a hand after the flop is difficult for some beginning players.
But that kind of thinking can cause you to lose a lot zynga poker learn to play chips.
Even if you start with a great hand, the flop could kill you.
Say you have an A-K but the flop comes up J-J-5.
That does you no good, and if someone else has a J you're suddenly a big underdog.
Even if an A or K, or both, come up, you'll lose to the three Js.
If the flop doesn't improve your hand, and you're not holding a big pair, think hard about getting out.
Sometimes, you continue reading get out after the flop even when you might zynga poker learn to play it's gone your way.
Let's say you stayed in with a Q-6, and the flop is K-10-6.
A natural tendency is to concentrate on what went right—"Isn't it grand?
I have a pair of 6s!
After the river, your decision to check, bet, fold, or call can only be based on the realized value of your cards—you no longer have the potential to improve your hand.
If you think your opponent hasit's usually unwise to bluff here.

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Top 417 Reviews about Zynga
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Why Zynga Poker Thrives While Online Poker Struggles
Learn Poker - Starting Hand Strategy

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I got the basics of the game down playing poker on my phone (Blackberry curve), against computer opponents, started with 500, busted out a.

Why Zynga Poker Thrives While Online Poker Struggles
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Trouble in Free Play Paradise: Zynga Poker Battles with Platform, Ecology and Bot Problems
zynga poker learn to play

Free Spins
30 xB
Max cash out:
$ 1000

I got the basics of the game down playing poker on my phone (Blackberry curve), against computer opponents, started with 500, busted out a.

Why Zynga Poker Thrives While Online Poker Struggles
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Is Zynga Poker Rigged? Is it Fair? - Learn Texas Holdem Poker | Poker Day Job
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Five Easy Ways to Improve at Texas Hold 'Em Poker
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Zynga Poker Tips and Tricks #1

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Five Easy Ways to Improve at Texas Hold 'Em Poker
Doing this will simply not work.
This entire strategy will simply be one single entry to this blog.
I would really like to see people leave comments and say how they have done.
Just one favor though please be honest with yourself that you were indeed following the advice given here to a tee.
Now on with the strategy.
Zynga Poker is not like real poker!
Realize as well that you can in no way shape or form use Zynga Poker as a training ground before taking the leap into real money.
You will get killed.
Zynga Poker for play money is a game all unto itself.
Another seemingly general rule in Zynga Poker is that every player thinks they are better than every other poker player.
You are probably even one of these people.
They think they can bluff people off hands, and in turn they always feel they are being bluffed.
This is why people call practically any bet with any hand.
You know as well as I do that people go all in with the most idiotic of hands… 2-5 offsuit with A-10-8 on board.
The majority of people playing Zynga Poker are very clueless when it comes to thinking deep about the game.
You need to realize this.
When you see a picture of a player at the table who looks like a 60 year old woman holding her cat, you can be certain that person most likely is not there to contemplate the inner workings of the game.
They are there to have fun and gamble.
Some people love the thrill of the gamble over mulling over strategy and winning on their own merits.
This is what you need to capitalize on.
So OK, what does it take to get rich at Zynga Poker then mister blogger guy that knows everything?
You need to fold and fold and fold.
You might be sitting at the table for maybe an hour just folding away.
This sounds idiotic to newbies, but do you want to win and use skill and observation to your advantage or do you just want to gamble and cross your fingers?
Shut up and fold.
Your powers of observation should be telling you that many hands will get shoved all in by someone, and these people will show down with anything.
Egos run wild in poker, even play money.
People will also call all in shoves with much better hands.
Then you just start getting the money in the pot.
What are the chances of this guy not folding now if you shove all in while hoping your top 2 pair holds on the river?
Should have bet more on the flop to scare the villain out of the pot and saved yourself the aggravation!
This is the kind of thinking ahead you need to win.
So if many hands end up being all in, then what do you do?
Fold hands unless they are the top tier of hands pre flop.
QQ, KK, AA, AK, AQ, KQ are really the only hands you should usually be RAISING with pre flop, especially in early position, and you should be raising BIG.
You want to raise these hands because these are good hands to try and get the money in with at the table pre flop.
There is practically never anyone folding to raises, so never ever bluff without a super good read on your opponent.
The winner of this game is the one with the most patience to wait for bomb hands and get it all in good and hope for the best.
As you get closer to being on the button you have the dealer chipyou can consider raising weaker pocket hands if the people ahead of you have all checked.
Think of it this way… If the people in early position had a good hand they most likely would have raised it up to both build a pot and protect their hand.
If you have K-K, you want to chase out the people that would call with 5-6 or 8-10, etc.
But you have to raise it many big blinds.
Using your position to your advantage.
Position can play a huge part in hands.
This is one tenet of real poker that can still translate over to Zynga play money poker relatively intact without much tweaking.
Realize that if you act last in a hand, you are at a huge advantage.
You get to see what the other players are doing with their bets which can reveal a lot about their hand strength, then you get to choose what to do.
In other words I think 9 times out of ten if someone has pocket aces, they will raise big rather than just check raising.
Although to go off on a bit of a strategy tangent here, I think from experience that if I was in early position with pocket aces, it would be better to check knowing that someone is most likely going to raise behind you.
Careful raising in the blinds because you will be first to act the next street.
Just be aware that the smarter players out there will know another smart player when they encounter one, and they will know that you know that their betting actions are supposed to dictate their hand strength, but of course because they know this, they can and will intentionally do the opposite of what you expect them to do so they can trap you down the line.
Just understand you need to be aware of possibilities like this, but always first and foremost pay consider your hand strength vs.
Then you can start attempting to discern mind games or play them yourself.
Slow and steady wins the pots.
The money will indeed come slower, but over the long term, your win rate will be much more steady and you will have less swings to your bank roll.
I would rather see someone risk some real money and start playing micro stakes games online or spend time reading strategy books to at least learn something worthwhile and possibly be on the road to making real riches.
I agree with your basic premise that Zynga or any play money site will be made up of horrible players, most of who want action action action and will usually call any amount with any hand.
So now you,ve waited an hour and finally you got your monster pocket pair say KK for example.
I think it is a much better strategy to see a lot of cheap flops with marginal hands and hope to flop a monster.
If you flop two pair or better or have a monster draw you bet, otherwise check or fold.
Of course if there is a raise preflop you want a real hand, and if you are at a table of crazies that go all in every hand preflop then I suggest you move to a new table.
Well yes I would hope people are checking pre flop with marginal hands and not outright folding.
Now the problem is on the flop, someone could have made two pair with J3, so now how do you know who is really telling the truth if they make a large bet on a crappy flop?
As far as checking pre-flop only the big blind is able to do that, everybody else has to call and it has been my experience that most time you will have 4 or more players in any given pot.
Most want to see the flop.
I find it the rare occurrence I can push Zynga players off a hand pre-flop, or at anytime for that matter.
I am not comfortable putting a large part of my stack at risk with just one pair.
Hence my strategy of limping pre-flop when I can, especially when there are multiple players in the pot.
Now am I going to limp with pocket As?
I think if you are at an aggressive table you need to play conservative and at a conservative table you need to be aggressive.
Your approach would be far better against loose aggressive players constantly raising and reraising every hand where mine works better against more loose passive calling station players.
I have found the latter to be the majority on Zynga though you will find enough aggressive players as well to make your approach valid.
Ideally I think the Sit and Gos are the easiest of them all to beat — typically 3 or 4 knuckleheads will eliminate each other with crazy bets and calls within the first few hands and then regular poker strategies become a lot more effective at a 4 or 5 handed table.
Cheers, keep the debate going — lol I have been frustrated in feeling I have been beaten by lesser hands.
I have begun to feel the game pays on the flop and your hand versus later and your hand.
Could this be true?
Three of a kind beating full house.
Zynga poker is def not like real life poker in any shape or form.
To make the game more fun I think the programmers have shortened the odds on super hands by around 95%.
Seeing what complete junk people go all in pre-flop on Zynga poker is just comical.
Also people go all in after the river card is layed down with a high card of 5 or even lower.
Lastly the strategy that works for me is playing several tables in a tournament and if I have a losing streak I give up and play later on that day.
Just against my nature to go all in…ever!
But it works for novice players I guess.
Having fun with it though.
So much of the above sounds like thoughtful poker analysis, but it so fundamentally misses some key points.
How and why would they do such a thing?
Zynga wants you playing, they have no stake in winners and losers, right?
Stop yapping and get a math-based poker book.
Hopefully this has evolved into a discussion by seasoned players who are familiar with basic strategies and terms used in most poker instructional books.
play free captain treasure slots you have not yet studied the game enough and are unfamiliar with terms like loose aggressive, sets, or implied odds then you are likely to disagree with much of what I have to say.
Online money sites like Poker Stars and Full Tilt were full of loose passive players and so are the casinos.
At least that is my experience though I freely admit that I have mostly pllayed at the lowest limits at the casino 1-2 no limit and fairly low stakes online 5 and 10 dollar sit n gos mostly.
Perhaps SMOKING you play higher limits and experience a different level of play.
I have also found that on Zynga sit n gos as you move up in buy in the play improves dramatically, currently I am playing 50k and 100k buy-ins for the most part my bank roll is about 3.
Still a lot of players that want to limp every hand to see a flop but not the crazy pre flop big bets, at least not nearly as much.
I know it sucks when you are holding trips and someone catches that river card to make his flush and you lose a big pot but it happens.
Sometimes it happens over and over and over and it gets frustrating and you think this game has to be fixed but believe me it happens to everyone.
First ask yourself are you putting yourself in too many situations where you set yourself up to get beat by a loose reckless player.
Lets say you get pocket threes, really not a great hand, I would try to limp in to catch a set, but if you call a big raise with a hand like this, in my opinion it is a mistake.
But lets say you have pocket threes, you limp in.
Actually you made the wrong play and just got very lucky the odds were about 8 to 1 on you hitting your set …….
Well first you should have never been in that hand to begin with, once it was raised you should fold that marginal pair of threes and live to fight another day.
Also when you had trips and went all in, thats not a bad play, in most cases you will have the best hand and you want someone to call to make a big score.
But with a flush and straight draw your opponent has 15 outs and is correct to call, and actually is the slight favorite to win.
Every upgrade deals with new graphics, new achievements, new avatars or little pictures of stuff you zynga poker learn to play send to friends and all sorts of other goofy stuff that has nothing to do with poker.
I ignore all this on Zynga but some seem to enjoy that aspect of it.
I do find Zynga to be a fair learning tool for dealing with a certain style of player and helps you develop patience and discipline.
Granted if they ever open back up the money online sites to US players Zynga will never hear from me again, but until then hope to see you at the table, and enjoy that picture of a taco I send you.
IMO Zynga is shortening the odds big-time.
The odds of getting a full house are 693 to 1 so the next time you play Zynga count the hands until someone gets a full house and then count again for the next one.
I only play Zynga tournaments normally 100k games but I see a full house winning hand every 25 hands or so on average.
Most of my chips are gifts from poker buddies.
And also from the free daily slot spins.
I personally have played 8140 hands and have not had nor seen a royal flush yet, not that that proves anything.
Again I have to return to the fundamental question what does Zynga have to gain by shorting the odds?
They have no stake in any group of players prevailing over another so I see no logic in your claim.
I would assume you are avoiding potential bad beats like the plaque since they are preordained to go against you.
With this competitive edge you must be killing Zynga poker so why the complaints?
Smoking based on your posts your seem to have a fundamental grasp on poker strategies and odds.
So use Zynga to improve your skills against the loose passive player.
There is no point raging against the machine.
Turn and river give the lucky idiot a full house.
Of course it sometimes happens, but with such frequency?
Such apparent pre-calculated malice?
But it does leave you scratching your head, right?
They make MILLIONS of dollars because foks do buy the chips — I for one have spent hundreds of dollars on chips knowing full well that I am going to lose them — and I play both conservatively and aggressively.
I have over 45000 hands played, 1 royal flush and 1 str8 flush…Definitely a stacked game… like all the others Zynga have to offer…just saying and keeping it real.
The people who talk about odds shortening and all that other vaguely suspicious activity are bang on.
I appreciate that this is not a truly representative sample; game theory, Bayes theorem etc.
But it does say something when I see 2 straight flushes in these c.
Not totally unlikely, but to QQx on the flop, and then K and K on the turn and river?
That hand actually happened.
Of course, convenience plays a part, do you think Zynga care about your Poker Stars or your Full Tilters?
The underpants gnomes would be proud.
I have 45000 hands played, have only seen 1 royal and 1 str8 F.
I have played on Poker Stars, Full Tilt.
Party Poker, Absolute Poker and Bodog Poker online sites.
There were people bitching on everyone of those sites saying the game was fixed.
Guess what else, they were all losers.
And guess what phrase. spartan slots instant play good />They all kept right on playing.
Losing and complaining to anyone who would listen.
I suppose it was more akin to flogging a dead horse….
It was, in a way, an attempt to advise people not to play Zynga if they want to play REAL poker for fun.
Test the water, if you dare, and it may be warm, for a while.
I started playing Zynga poker about 2 months ago with the starting amt casually blueprint slots free play final what it is, but maybe a couple thousand chips?
I normally play at the 2 million max — cash game.
The one exception, I normally fold hands like K4 off even to a limped pot preflop.
These are holdings that can get you in big trouble.
You win this game on your monsters.
Slow play the heck of out them when you have the nuts and the calls will come in.
You can usually double up on your monsters.
Yes, you will get drawn out on or will lose to a bigger monster, but that is just poker.
You take the good with the bad.
You will only remember this hand and you will forget the other 10 times you actually did the wise thing and folded and saved a ton of chips learn pot odds and how to count outs.
Many times I have folded and hit two pair and kicked myself only to click to see more someone turn a flush that might have stacked me off.
The best tables to be at are those with limpers preflop with some that shove or way overbet the pot post flop.
These are the ones that are given just enough rope to hang themselves with.
The worst tables to sit at are those with all in junkies preflop.
This turns it into a coin flip and I usually ride out the storm and let others take this person down.
You will notice these types never have much in slot play no deposit chip holdings anyway.
The strategy is too volatile.
Always click on a new player and check their chip holdings.
I find this is a good gauge of how someone plays.
If the buy in is 2 million and they have 600K in their holdings, they are just there to go all in and try to double up and will play reckless.
Good for you if you can out flop them, but bad if they shove preflop as you are at the whim of a flip.
It does suck to have them pull a big hand the one time you think you have them.
Fight the urge to get emotional at the table.
Alot of 18 year olds will laugh at you or call you a donk because they sucked out on the river even though you got it in with the best of it.
I played a guy who was drunk who said he will tell everyone his hole cards and still win.
He walked out with about 3x his buyin from sheer luck.
Beware of the min reraise of your bet.
This is also true in normal poker.
Say the flop comes AAJ and you hold a J on the button.
A guy immediately raises you to 40000 or 60000.
This will work until the table starts changing members and the maniacs show up.
As mentioned in some of the posts, this is not how real poker for money is played.
Oh, just wanted to add to the discussion earlier.
It seems to me that there are more paired flops in Zynga poker than in real cards.
It feels to me almost the same as real poker as far as final holdings.
However, even if Zynga does upgrade the hands, the playing field is on even ground since it would affect everyone.
I do notice some glitches from time to time.
Happens maybe 1:100 hands.
Also, the all-in glitch is very annoying.
If you have played Zynga Poker for any length of time there is an exploit you how to play slot machine in okada matchless you can go all in without committing any chips.
If you do wind up winning, you will only win what is in the pot when you went all in.
Any new chips added after go to the next best hand.
This is used alot by players with marginal hands that are afraid to commit.
I really hate when a player uses this exploit.
It ruins the game.
If they abuse it too much I will say something or move to another table.
My faulty new iphone was replaced after only having it for 2 months.
Maybe I am lucky, a liar or simply just lost the pot!
I have slowed my play down considerably since reading this thread and have done much better of late.
I still find zynga poker incredibly frustrating at times tho.
There does seem to be patterns of play I have noticed as well.
When my hold cards are suited, i.
I have not won on hold pairs for ages, even top pairs AA, KK etc.
I am now trying to limp in with suited mid range cards 67, 89, as they seem to produce better hands.
I only do this very occasionally depending on how the tables is playing.
My funniest hand I played was going All-In on Pre flop pocket aces only for the person who called me also had pocket aces how to play texas holdem strategy />If their rank is 50m and they only have 2m in chips, this is where the chips are to be won.
If a guy has a rank of 1m and he has 4m in chips be aware.
Thankfully most players are bad and their chip counts are much lower than their ranks.
I advocate the patience approach.
Limp suited connectors 2.
Join any game with the max amount allowed.
If you do go all in before the river and a fish with a small stack sucks out on you, you may have a winner against bigger stacks which offsets the smaller loss.
You want to have enough chips to cover this.
Assuming you follow 2, when playing AA KK QQ pre flop a huge amount, enough to isolate one, maybe two callers at the most.
I play the 800k max buyin game and will bet 300k-all in depending on my position and who is left in the hand.
This is where you make your stacks by doubling up through idiots that call you with A-8 or J10.
I just crossed 13m and am about to step up to the 2m max buy-in game.
There is always a chance you get sucked out on an all in play.
That tells me they wasted a chunk of money on a virtual game.
It took me a long time to realize patients is the key.
About four weeks ago, I finally realize this, after playing with frustration for three years.
The real and important tip is to remember how each player plays the first 10 hands, and then use it against them.
I took 1000 chips to start off and turn it into 16 million, 4 hours later.
I played 4 hours straight with constant focus, and patients really paid off.
Well if you turned 1000 into 16 million in four hours you are a much much better player than me, I assume you are now living a extravagant life of luxury in Vegas with those mad skills.
I developed the same strategy you have.
I do have a problem getting people to call me after a while.
Personally I would do just the opposite, if you are getting a table rep and people are scared to call you then I would use that opportunity to bluff and steal pots.
Very interesting blog, great tips, enjoyed reading.
I had a bit of luck on my side and scooped a 45 million pot within 20 hands.
These guys were betting millions on post flop single pair!
They bluffed big with nothing, they called with nothing.
One of them bought me a donkey, which made me laugh.
Patience is definitely needed at Zynga.
Also are you sure it was a donkey and not a poney?
I appreciate your good strategy tips and advice.
I have finally figured out how they do it.
They are able to see your cards, manipulate the flop and change their hold cards to accomplish this.
Watch carefully how the last two cards in the flop turn in their favor when there is heavy betting.
Basically, leave the room when you spot these guys and continue to enjoy playing the game with real money out of pocket.
One good clue is that they normally have a lot of chips for the table they are on.
There are other tips that we can share but I do not want to put too much on a public website and encourage them to change their methods of deception.
I will gladly publish my email address if that is acceptable to the webmaster here.
I guess they get paid for taking your 5 million chips you spent 10 dollars on?
I wonder how much they get paid for the hours they spend taking free chips?
You people with your conspiracy theories need to just go away, we are trying to have serious discussions on poker strategy.
Play good consistent poker all the time and you will build your bankroll.
I did agree with everything you originally wrote on this post zynga poker learn to play it helps?
Zynga is fixed sir.
The software NEVER deals 5 garbage cards as we all have seen playing real time.
Each and every hand will have at least a possible straight, flush or full house to draw to.
This has to be done in order to keep the folks attention.
Its very easy to force people fold in real time with a pair.
The winner of pot mostly have pair and people do bet big on 2 pair.
Nobody believe the opponent has a pair too.
I would mostly disagree.
I assume when you say real time you mean real money as in a casino.
One pair is not a strong hand especially if you have 8 or 9 seated at the table.
The exception would be tournament play when you are down to just zynga poker learn to play or three opponents, then yes a pair is usually pretty strong.
All that being said in a casino you have time to watch players and see how they play so more often than not I will play the person not the hand.
Zynga is a different animal as you source see the same person twice so you have no choice but to play the hand, hopefully you are patient and only playing the good hands.
I would like to add that the first 3 cards will always be a pair or 2 cards to a straight or flush which we all know does not occur playing real time.
Funny, we now have lots of people hijacking this thread to promote their own agenda rather than have a conversation on poker strategy as was intended with this thread.
I am not going respond again to such allegations as I believe my opinions have been well documented in previous posts, but let me pose one question.
Apparently there are those of you out there who believe, whether real or imagined, that the game is rigged and as such those behind it are spoiling your poker experience.
I propose though your incessant complaints are doing the same thing here.
If you want to have this discussion great, start your own thread and have your discussion, why spoil our thread?
Perfect suggestions about strategy.
I have applied your recommendations many times in real time.
Not only do many of the games great players live in Los Angeles but it is a poker friendly town.
This is due to the reason, that letting you win will make you come back for more than just cheating you for once and losing the business.
Zynga is full of idiots, cretins and utter morons who would go broke in 10 minutes in real poker.
In Zynga u just need to know when to All in.
The computer will set a winner for every hand.
Certainly when your achievements are not cleared and gonna level up soon, u stand higher chance to win the hand.
If you play the higher tourneys they get more conservative.
I also think if you go in aggressive against a reserved group of real players you will bluff them till your tell comes out then you will be gone in a matter of moments, every time.
It takes me watching 15 or so hands to weed out the buffers and idiots.
Ohh yeah where does the fake all-inn crap they do apply in your advice?
Give me a break.
I give this advice 2 stars at best.
I dont think the person who zynga poker learn to play this has ever played real poker with real money.
Keep your opinions just that….
I like your way of explaining this.
I am a good real life player,and also play Zynga free poker,I absolutely dont play the same in the two!
But-I do realize that I can trick ppl often enough.
Also,I started with 20k bought abt.
I do not even deal with all in every hand moron players,they take half the table out messing each other up,usually within five hands,lol.
My big difference is,I choose to see many cheap flops during low low blinds,then fool the idiots and by the time blinds get higher I have more chips to work with from a ton of little hands played.
When blinds are at 40or 60 I find it takes a raise of 350 or more just to get folds of at least 2thirds table.
I play the game seriously even though its not real money.
But, like you pointed out in your blog, most people play like idiots and they have the bankroll to prove it.
I never ever bluff.
I fold a lot and wait for a strong hand.
Thanks for your great blog.
I now see the game differently.
I started with 800k, got to 240mil in 2 days contradicting many of this donkeys points.
Not trying to be mean, but your strategy is boring and is going to get you a little bit of money slowly.
Most of your comments are false also.
Yes many players go all in with garbage hands at the lower level tables, but when you start playing with more chips the players are much smarter.
Play aggressive and know when to fold and nluff is how you make big money.
Your philosophy reminds me of those few idiots in tournaments who just fold unless they get a where can i play blackjack in portland hand, then they eventually get blinded to death and outplayed untill they have o shove with a short stack just to get lucky to get past 1000 again.
You know NOTHING about making big money in ZYNGA Poker.
If you have a well thought out strategy then lay it out, clearly and consisely and let us debate the finer points.
You also seem hell bent on getting us to believe you went from 800k to 240M in two days since you have posted it three separate times in this thread.
You also talk about idiots who fold until they get a great hand.
That style pretty much describes Doyle Brunson and Dan Harrington.
Ever hear of them?
Just in case the email was sent by a robot.
Had 450mil earlier today but lost to KK with QQ, 999 slot sizzling free hot play lucky straight on river, and lost to Q9 microgaming slots free play AJ.
Exactly idiot, acknowledge my superior play.
Actually I have, Doyle wrote the book on poker.
In fact, I will send it to your email.
Your strategy is terrible, which is why I woild run you over like Tom Dwan does to fish all day.
First I am not sure why you want to impress totally anonymous strangers on the internet with your accomplishments.
Then in a couple more days you should free blackjack tables online play around a billion.
Also I would hope you would also have the maturity to have a rational poker discussion without resorting to name calling.
If you want to refute my strategy in an intelligent manner, I will banter all day with you and have fun doing it.
There are a lot of good observations here.
That may be why the chip leader folds many hands but pushes all in with 85 to hit the straight.
If you want to look up information on this the technical name is pseudo-random number generator or prng.
Winning in any poker game is easy if you understand the most important parts about poker.
Most people have never played a real cash game so they have no idea about these very simple yet very important details.
Cards that are exempt from this rule are low pocket pairs and suited connectors.
Most people have no idea about position.
In poker position is one of the most important aspects of improving how you play poker.
If you act first in a hand, you have the least advantage, if you act last you have the most advantage.
The reason why is based on learning from how people bet before you.
Poker is a gambling game, it always has been it always will be.
This is how the game is programmed and this is how they make money.
Thanks too to everyone else — most of interesting and helpful I like it when Smokin was talking about the odds for getting a Royal Flush.
She hit a club Royal Flush on a video poker machine.
And it was for real money.
Let me tell you about my experience playing Zynga Poker.
I am one of those people who would just buy chips to kill time.
I am telling you this and its not a joke.
As i said about 70% of newly opened account wins a lot of chips.
I start with 52M and many times i would go up more than a 1B in 2 days period.
Now the things is, always on third day when i play a lot i mean hours for those couple of days, the third day is bye bye for my chips.
I cannot win 10%.
Mostly, i would lose all of my chips in 3 days.
The biggest amount of chips i had was 3.
I am sure Zynga and other online fake chips flash games have their strategies check this out to give a lot and how to take all from you.
Btw, when i play i am patient a lot.
Zynga has to attract new accounts and then take chips…so you would get provoked to continue buying from them.
Cheers Just how tough IS online low stakes poker these days?
Up to 17M now!!
Playing sit n go tourneys works well for me.
I fold just about everything to start with, as more than half the time someone will go all in pre-flop on the first hand.
A lot of the time the player in the big blind position will raise all in in order to get as many calls of the big blind as possible into the pot.
Often two or three players will then call, immediately reducing the odds of you finishing in the top three and boosting your bankroll.
Once there is only one player left who is willing to go all in pre-flop, I start to play, calling the blind or a small raise only with very good hole cards.
I reckon this is a pretty foolproof way of making imaginary money long term from Zynga poker.
What I meant to say was that a lot of the time a player intending to go all in first hand pre-flop with whatever cards they happen to be dealt will sit in the big blind position in order to ensure that as many players as possible call the big blind bet before they are scared out of the hand by the all-in raise.
This means that calling the big blind with ANY hole cards is a bad idea, because otherwise you will usually be faced with the choice of either folding your cards or going all in yourself often against 3 or 4 other playerswhich means even with AA you are odds on to lose all your chips.
Still often enough to make fake money rather than lose it though… if u think those are bad had 2 bill on table out of my 5 bill and playing 50 100 mill blinds some donk raised 1 bill i called flop was k55 he pushed all in with pocket 9s the turn comes its a 9 and the river comes its another 9 got beat by 4 of a kind such a rigged bullshit hand Anyone who has played poker for more than 5 minutes has suffered bad beats.
It happens at the casinos, it happens at home games, it happens at online money sites and yes, it happens at Zynga.
You make yourself look very bad by complaining about them and you make yourself look even worse by saying the game is rigged.
Nobody cares that you lost a hand except you!
Obviously the game was fair enough while you were working your way up to a bankroll of 5 billion which I think is BS btw and I would never risk 40% of my bank roll on a single hand.
You should stop looking for a shoulder to cry on and start looking in the mirror.
That exact same thing happened to me two nights ago, no lie.
Lost 650K that way and wiped out my stash for a couple of days.
Great article and great advice, opinions and debates in the comments.
I would love to read an article about sites like PokerStars Or FullTilt as I have recently become interested in playing poker other than the Zynga.
If you really want to win do this.
Go to rooms with people who have big banks only.
Play only a few hands.
Play the first few like your an idiot that has no clue how to play.
When they bet big.
Then fold so get your chips.
The one your gonna bank on.
Do not place your bet til the very end then go big.
They will be be thinking I got this idiot but really you just took his bank lol.
I have 145m from playing that way.
After I clean someone out then I go in and out of rooms til I find one where the others all had huge banks.
Oh an one other piece of advice.
Good banks with pots that can make you millions instantly.
I have done this quite a few times when my free spins and other bonuses were not available.
A few times I wiped out completely.
More often than not, I hit for a half mill after slow betting the table with a good hand, make out like a bandit and then go back to a smaller room and build back up article source out-smarting the novices.
Closer to him than an amateur.
That said, there are people who are better than me.
If there was no algorithm built in to shorten odds, the novices would never have chips, because even with the luck factor involved, more times than not, they are not going to read the table properly, nor tendencies of the other players closely enough to win consistently.
This leads to degenerate for some buying of chips after bad beats — or flat out losing because you suck — and WHAM!
Look at how the stock has grown in 1Q 2014.
I have played about 35K hands.
Had so many bad beats on the river that I stopped link a long time ago.
Not representative of real play at all.
I do agree with most of what the author stated.
This is my strategy for the most part, as well.
That is not skill.
Take away the option to buy chips and you would see a lot of THAT practice reduced dramatically.
I take it as a grain of salt.
Same with this game.
I had the aforementioned bad beat with the royal flush and lost my entire stash.
Otherwise, you develop bad habits that carry over onto real tables in AC and Vegas.
That should be the only concern when playing this game.
But then again, people are people.
Some will pay for chips incessantly.
I agree with most of the strategy here.
One could argue that you could use Zynga poker to learn the very basics of poker, i.
ABC poker, and then take that knowledge to a cash game environment to further improve your game beyond the basics.
I agree with your strategy mostly.
I have never paid for a chip and had 16 mil scammed from me once.
I would add that luck can come in streaks and when a steaks starts i start going to higher stake table.
If I can increase that 2 mil to 10 mil or 5 times my original buy in.
My risk for loosing is reduced but I can take advantage of a lucky streak.
I have won over 40 mil in a day with this strategy.
My bank has gone from 350 visit web page to over 440 mil in about 2 weeks.
I think this is a good betting strategy.
Zynga poker is now a complete and utter waste of time.
Of course it is play money but you cannot learn anything about poker by playing it.
Hardly anyone is prepared to play properly and 90% of the players are moronic jerks who continually go ALL IN when you raise with decent hands.
These pricks are little more than bingo playing cretins.
I have a question.
I play Zumba and when I lose all my chips I have to wait to get more chips and can not play the next hand.
But I see others play the next hand after losing all their chips.
How do I keep playing every hand even thou I lose.
I have spenty of chips to keep playing.
How comes if you have a pair or higher and have a high card.
I have lost loads of chips when this happens.
First if this is the only thing in life that peers you off consider yourself truly blessed.
For example lets say you are dealt A7 and your opponent has A5.
The flop comes A2J, the turn is an 8, and the river is K.
Even though your 7 is greater than his or her 5 the actual winning hand is AAKJ8, which splits the pot as each of you only use the A from your hand and use the AKJ8 from the board.
If that is your idea of a big table you shoulder be giving advice, elements slot play stepping up to the 5 mill to 20 mil tables and play with the big boys first.
I figured out early that my best Zynga game was Texas fold em.
And to play for first but aim for 3rd because cashing in is cashing in.
And, oh yeah, if the cards are terrible, go play farmheroesaga.
I pretty much use your identical strategy of folding A LOT, and have a 16% sit-and-go win ratio you can see your stats on Facebook Zyngawhich is higher than almost play absolute money poker other Zynga players who average 11-13%.
Would disagree, however, that this strategy is different than a money game.
Really, it comes down to patience and survival.
What a load of utter waffle.
There is no trick to it.
I could play this game blindfolded and still have a chance.
I think you all like the sound of your own voice!
Terrible advice, only raise with those premium hands?
Good way to be read like a book.
I kill it on there without playing like that.
Hi — My 2c.
Having played real money and Zynga and watched professionals play on TV I have no reason to believe Zynga is more rigged than Pokerstars or that Pokerstars plays any differently to professional games where the dealer is human and deals out physical cards.
My own personal belief is that it looks worse on Zynga because more people bet with bad cards — therefore bad cards overall are going to seem to win a disproportionate number of games.
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Is Zynga Poker Rigged? Is it Fair? - Learn Texas Holdem Poker | Poker Day Job
Although I still play Farmville 2: Country Escape, I make sure to play Farmville 2: Tropic Escape almost every night.
Thankfully, it's not quite so costly once you reach a certain level.
They generally function well, and are good for providing economical entertainment via the web.
They don't seem to be bad about privacy issues as some games are.
The one problem that I have found it that at times the games are updated and do not run any longer on older tech.
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I'm a senior on a fixed income so it isn't something I should splurge on.
The attention to details is truly remarkable and the willingness to allow its customers to get lost in their gambling adventure is what really separates then from all the other options on the market.
Yet the stalkers can get pretty vicious when ignored.
For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.
After not playing it for quite a while.
I started playing it once zynga poker learn to play, starting on December 22, 2019.
I reported these incidents to Zynga.
I was told by them, that they would investigate this matter, and get back to me.
I was very confident that they would see what hands were actually manipulated by bots or hackers.
Zynga informed me that they would investigate this matter and get back to me.
In addition to being knocked out of winning hands.
While playing games where I knew I had the winning hand, when I attempted to to raise my bet by putting all my chips in the game, I would get knocked out of the entire game, and lose all those chips.
I was in that room for two hands, and made two small bets.
After winning the last bet.
I looked at my table chip count and it disappeared, as well as all the players from that room.
Then I checked to see my chip reserve, and they were all gone.
Every suspicious incident that I observed, I reported it to Zynga.
I must of sent 50 incidents.
And I have not received one response from Zynga for any of my complaints.
All I get is an automated email that they will investigate the matter.
A majority of them were lost through cheating, using bots or hackers.
This is unacceptable, how Zynga allows their players lose their chips by cheaters.
And they do absolutely nothing about it.
I am see more to speak with Zynga's fraud department, or a manager.
They have the technology to investigate these matters.
EDIT: Zynga does absolutely nothing about bots, hackers, or other ways their customers are scammed.
Actually when Games to slots play online free customers lose their chips by scammers.
Zynga customers actually buy more chips from them, and that brings in tons of revenue for their corporation.
So the the more bots, and scammers who are infested all the over the Zynga poker network, the better for their pockets.
Plays nowhere near a human version.
Randomly awards pots to the losing hands.
Don't get to see cards you paid to see.
Profile picture changes with each log on.
Site needs a lot of work.
Allows abusive behaviour from perverted males.
What is this site?
I tried calling them.
No one never answer!
I went to Google and they refuse to give me my money back.
I contacted my attorney.
I will be filing zynga poker learn to play lawsuit on both companies.
I disregarded MOST of the negative reviews I saw that complained of bots and rigging, as I am an experienced player who has played thousands of hands of real poker in person, and I was consistently able to win chips.
I amassed a chip count of over 6.
BUT - Zynga changed the app.
First, they added tons of ads.
Second, the ads are frequently larger than your device screen, meaning the little "x" to close the ad is offscreen and you have no way to close the ad and return to the game.
The only way zynga poker learn to play is to close the app completely, run a memory cleaner, then re-open the app.
Third, sometimes the ads try to load, but fail halfway in, completely freezing click at this page device altogether.
My screen would just go black, and the only way to fix my phone was to remove the battery and restart.
Fourth, gameplay is different.
Once, I counted 17 out of 20 hands that the board paired.
And it kept happening.
I have played enough poker over the years to know that just doesn't happen.
Most frustrating of all, however, is that I went to log in, and the app kept zynga poker learn to play "user not found.
So I lost zynga poker learn to play 6.
Support for this app is nonexistent, so there is no way to get it back.
Run away from this app and whatever you do, PLEASE don't spend any real money on it.
Too many people have reported being overcharged and having money disappear from their accounts without being able to get it back.
Make the best choice, every time Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations.
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Although I still play Farmville 2: Country Escape, I make sure to play Farmville 2: Tropic Escape almost every night.. Learn from the pros. Zynga is a wonderful platform for multiple games including poker, slots and other games of chance.

Is Zynga Poker Rigged? Is it Fair? - Learn Texas Holdem Poker | Poker Day Job
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The TRUE Strategy To Win At Zynga No Limit Hold ‘Em Poker | How to win at Zynga Poker
How To Play Poker - Learn Poker Rules: Texas hold em rules - by Cashinpoker.com

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So, you've been playing Zynga Poker (Texas Hold'em) and you are at this point addicted, just like we are. You're wondering if Zynga Poker is Rigged or if it's ...

Why Zynga Poker Thrives While Online Poker Struggles
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